Imaqtpie joins Zionspartan in leaving Dignitas

Imaqtpie joins Zionspartan in leaving Dignitas

Today, Team Dignitas announced Michael "imaqtpie" Santana would step down from the League of Legends squad, shortly after ZionSpartan announced his free agency.

Imaqtpie learned a lesson: don’t make a bet with ODEE ingame

dignitas/Imaqtpie proposes a friendly bet to dignitas/ODEE that he can’t reach level 6 without dying and getting 20 CS.

Imaqtpie – DIGNITAS QUEUE ft. Dom, Scarra, Voyboy & Gosu

We’re finally here, the dynamic queue party everyone’s dreamed of. Meet former Team Dignitas in all its glory, aside from Gosu filling in the role of Support since L0CUST and Patoy couldn’t be located, and KiwiKid spending a well earned vacation. If you’re an oldschool Dignitas fan, this video is for YOU.

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Imaqtpie – This is for kicking me out of Dignitas – League of Legends


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ZionSpartan Sets Up Imaqtpie

This video is a reupload of titled ZionSpartan Sets Up Imaqtpie by imaqtpie